Boy name = Mr Ren
Girl name = Mrs Ke
// First contact.
// 2013—01-26.
From the Internet forum im286 ;
// A special gift.
// 2013—01-29.
Had promised to send her a special gift;
She has not been used since she has received it ;
// The first Valentine 's Day.
// 2013—02-14.
About 650 km, Heze -> Ezhou
The first Valentine's Day is so reckless ...
// Fall in love river.
// 2013-03-14.
Her birthday;
Posing as SF Express ,Secretly Propose marriage;
// They love each other.
// 2013-03-15.
The girl loved the boy;
Not for marriage for the purpose of love are playing rogue!
// AS time goes on.
The boy can not be separated the girl;
// At the same time.
The girl can not be separated the boy;
// Get a marriage certificate.
// 2014-01-25.
The boy very happy;
The girl is also very happy;
// Whether it is right now
// Still in the distant future.
The boy has but one dream;
// The boy wants the girl could well have been happy.

I want to say:
Baby, I love you forever;
- 爱你的人